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About Us

The Arizona Golf Association (now AZ GOLF), was founded in 1923, as a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) association that serves as the official governing body of amateur golf in Arizona.

We've been hard at work to expand golf's reach to the masses - chipping away to make sport more welcoming to all style of play, experience and interest level.

Meeting golfers where they are remains our driving force and requires us to explore territory outside the country club and sanctioned events. Instead, we will reflect on our relationship with that little white ball and highlight the moments and locations that had the greatest impact on our love for the game.

Our Why

We exist to connect golfers with the greatest game on this green earth. As the governing body of Arizona golf, we continuously strive to elevate sport and unlock access for all levels of players - embracing beginners' road to refinement while celebrating competition amongst champions.

We share a great love for this game and invite you to experience the most enjoyable of heart breaks, greenest of pastures, and luckiest of bounces. Nobody starts from scratch and we surely don’t expect you to. What would be the fun in that anyway? Let’s play some golf.


The AZ GOLF is the official governing body of amateur golf in Arizona and is passionate about protecting the game – its appeal, traditions and history. However, we also understand the changing face of the golf population and are continually looking for ways to grow the game, to reach out to our membership and to create opportunities for new golfers to join the AZ GOLF family.



  • Is closely affiliated with the United States Golf Association through our contract to issue USGA Handicaps and Course and Slope Ratings within the state, overseeing the club licensing program and representing the USGA in several other areas such as administering Amateur Status.

  • Is firmly committed to providing education in all aspects of the game including USGA Rules of Golf, USGA Handicap System, conducting competitions and the proper marking of golf courses.

  • Has representation on local and national committees that have significant impact on the direction of golf and impact on you the golfer. Examples include representation on the following USGA Committees: Handicap Procedures, Course Rating, Regional Associations, Rules of Golf and Member Development.

  • Has affiliation with local and national organizations that are equally as focused on improving the game and molding its future including National Golf Foundation, Golf Course Superintendents Association, Golf Writers, International Network of Golf, International Association of Golf Administrators, International Golf Network and WE ARE GOLF.

  • Is a staunch advocate of the rights of golf courses in Arizona and often represents clubs in important issues such as environmental, water, taxation and municipal golf course pricing – all meant to protect golf and our members


The AGA is a membership-based organization. There are two tiers to the volunteer governance of the Arizona Golf Association:

  • A 20-member Executive Committee governs the Arizona Golf Association. It oversees the long-term direction of the Association. Each member of the Executive Committee is either a chairman or vice-chairman of the association’s standing committees. The AGA’s Executive Director is an ex-officio member of this committee.

  • A Council of Past Presidents ensures that the direction of the association moves in concert with its mission and long-range goals. The Council also participates in the appointment and nomination of the Executive Committee.