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The quick and easy way for

your members to join your club.

Hand you the cape

Ready to put on the cape?

You are about to become the company hero with how epic you are at creating, managing, optimizing your website.  Great ready for that raise and big fat bonus check at the end of the year.


Do you want to make it quick and easy for your members to pay their dues?


Do you want the AGA to take care of collections for you?


If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then we have a solution!


Many of the AGA clubs are taking advantage of the Online Join/Renew Program, an Association benefit which allows club members to pay for their memberships online. It is quick and easy for the member to do, and it makes your job easier.

Not only does the member update their own profile information so you don’t have to, they can pay their dues through our site, which means we cover all credit card charges!

online payment

Here’s how it works:

  • You can have the AGA collect just Association dues or collect Association dues plus any additional club fees that you have. If you want to add-on optional fees, like a President’s Cup or Hole-in-One Club, it is not a problem. We can do that too! 

  • You receive instant notification when members pay. 

  • If we collect money on your behalf, we will process payment to your club via ACH direct deposit to your club bank account or a paper check by the 10th of the following month.

  • You have the option to require approval for new members.

  • You have the option to create a pricing tier with multiple levels of club membership (league play, handicap only, etc). 

  • Use your club description and eligibility requirements to both draw more qualified people to your club and keep those who don’t qualify from applying.

  • If members belong to more than one club and pay for multiple full-year memberships online, their multi-member discount, on the additional membership(s), is automatically deducted.


It’s just that easy!

We realize that some of your members may want to continue to pay you directly – NO PROBLEM – you can either go online and pay in a batch by credit card or just send us a check for those members.

With the AGA’s billing management system, it’s easy for you to see who has paid and who has not. You can even set the program to automatically inactivate those that haven’t paid by the end of the year.

It is customizable and completely up to you!


Ball over hanging hole with 100 years logo

So, what are you waiting for?




September 1st

Online registration will be turned off (excludes revolving clubs)

October 3rd

Online registration opens for 2024 membership


Contact Susan Woods, Accounting Manager