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Club Benefits

Designed specifically to make your job a whole lot easier and much more efficient.







The United States Golf Association (USGA), which authorizes the AGA to use the World Handicap System™, has established the Handicap System Licensing Program. The USGA Handicap System Licensing Program for Clubs began January 1, 2005 and is a requirement for all clubs in the United States wishing to utilize the USGA Handicap System. The AGA maintains all licensing agreements on file for inspection by the USGA when requested. 

Clubs have access to more than three million golfers' information to verify Handicap Indexes for club member-guest and invitational events.

Handicap Software

The WHS  provides the ability for golfers to post their score at the course played, view their trend handicap, as well as their current record of scores.

The USGA Admin Portal allows the handicap chair to perform file maintenance for members (add new members, score corrections, post scores, run reports, etc.) by logging in from any computer that has access to the internet.


Get the latest technology to assist in managing your club

The club billing and management portal is completely automated and gives clubs access to club activity 24/7. This will dramatically reduce the workload of your membership chair and treasurer. Clubs can view their current roster, add or remove golfers, make online payments, and review online transactions of their members. They can view current and past billing history as well as unbilled activity.

Contact Susan Woods for more details.

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Let the AGA take care of collecting your member dues. Your members, or potential members, can join or renew anytime, anywhere through the AGA’s online join and renew portal. The tools provide complete flexibility for your club and allows you to set your own membership options, including membership types, eligibility, pricing, promotions, discounts and add-ons. We can even set it up so your members can automatically renew each year.

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Need a better way to communicate with your members?

The Arizona Golf Association is excited to offer free club websites to help you promote your club as well as educate and celebrate your members. 

This is a cutting-edge website with easy to use editing tools. Each club can choose the design they want and can use the site for Online Join & Renew, event registration and management, uploading pictures and communicating with members. Club websites are 100% mobile friendly and work on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

For more information and to get your club's free website started today, contact Anj Brown for more information or submit request form below.







Golf Genius TM Club

We are excited to continue our relationship with Golf Genius and pleased to announce that we plan to subsidize the full cost of Golf Genius TM Club for member clubs electing to use that version of the software, in 2024 and for the foreseeable future. While it comes with a higher financial burden for the Arizona Golf Association in future years, we understand the value of this software as a club and member benefit and have made necessary adjustments to continue our support.

Member clubs have the option to upgrade to Golf Genius TM Club Premium on their own and also take advantage of additional Golf Genius products to better serve their membership. For more information on the Golf Genius suite of products, please visit their website HERE.

If you would like to speak with us directly about the Golf Genius offerings available to you, please contact Anj Brown at at your convenience.


But wait...there's more!


The AGA Club Delegate/Representative Program has an important role as a communicator and supporter of the AGA. Their involvement helps to promote the game of golf to members of their home club. Delegates/Representatives receive monthly newsletters on the activities to help ensure Member Clubs are aware of, and understand, the full benefits of AGA membership services. 


Education seminars are designed to help clubs improve their efficiency in many facets of their operations and share ideas with other clubs. They are held each year in different locations throughout Arizona. These seminars feature topics like the World Handicap System, Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, Delegate Representative Workshops, and Town Halls.

Club Directory

AGA member clubs are listed in the online Club Directory, making it easy for your members and your potential members to find you. It is a valuable resource used by AGA members throughout the year. The listing includes the club's name, address, telephone number, and website.


The Club Visit Program provides an opportunity for club officials to meet with AGA staff to discuss the various programs offered by the association and the role the AGA plays in serving the golf community. The visits occur at the local club and allow issues to be proactively addressed, while providing a forum for member clubs to give feedback to the AGA.

Rules of Golf Support

Knowledgeable AGA staff members are in the office and can help answer those tricky questions on the Rules of Golf. In addition, a member of the AGA Rules and Competitions Department or an Expert Volunteer will be happy to provide a Rules of Golf workshop for your members.


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