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2024 WHS Certification

2024 WHS Club Compliance Requirement

With a change to the Rules of Handicapping taking effect in early-2024, there is also a new 2-part WHS Club Compliance Requirement needing to be accomplished by at least (1) representative from each licensed roster to remain in good-standing for the 2024 calendar year:

  • Participate in an online -or- in-person WHS Certification Seminar; covering both the essentials of WHS, along with highlights of the 2024 WHS changes.

  • Submission of an ONLINE QUIZ, demonstrating knowledge of the 2024 Rules of Handicapping, obtaining a passing grade (80%+).

The DEADLINE for ALL clubs to complete this 2-step WHS Certification is: Sunday, June 30th, 2024.

To get started, access is now provided to the ONLINE, self-guided WHS Certification Seminar, here:



Once the online seminar has been viewed, the club representative may then access/complete their 2024 WHS Quiz submission by use of the club-specific quiz link (click below).



Items to be mindful for WHS Quiz submission:

  • Each club representative MUST complete the quiz using the club roster-designated link provided within the above document. A passing score submission (16+) must be accomplished by June 30, 2024 for the club roster to remain in good standing.

  • Each roster has their own unique URL (website) for 2024 Quiz submission. In turn, the Quiz will be pre-populated with Club-specific information (roster name & club ID), please verify you have accessed the correct roster-affiliated Quiz for official submission.

  • There will also be a club representative’s name and contact information pre-populated, based upon the who completed the 2023 WHS Assessment Survey.

    • IF the same individual is accomplishing the 2024 quiz, simply verify the information populated by pressing NEXT

    • IF a different club representative is accomplishing the 2024 WHS Quiz on behalf of the roster, that person should record their name and contact in place of pre-populated information displayed.

  • IF the club representative seeks to certify multiple club roster(s) of affiliation; EACH roster’s unique quiz link must be access/submitted to be reflected in full.

  • Access to online WHS Rules of Handicapping Manual, as well as additional education and support information is available for reference in submitting your quiz, here: